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Episode 3 Summary - The Little Witch and Vampire

Life continues for Tsukune at Youkai Academy and they just had a mid-term test. He didn't do too well coming in a one hundred and twenty-eighth. As Tsukune becomes gloomy over his results, Moka walks in and becomes the centre of attention again from the male Youkais. Not only is she beautiful but she's very clever too, taking thirteenth place. As Moka invites Tsukune to study together, the pair goes about their little "Love Love" scene as usual, another shadow is looking their way once again.

...Lets study together!

It appears to be a little girl dressed in a witch outfit who seems to be attracted to Moka. As she tries to approach them, she is stopped by members of the student council. They congratulate Yukari Sendo because she came first but they were not pleased about her behaviour and how she wasn't wearing her uniform. As they ridicule her, she secretly waves her magic wand and hits them over the head with a few magically appearing basins. The leader tries to teach her a lesson only to be stopped by Moka. Everyone's attention is turned towards the council members and so they leave, moaning that they have to be with such a troublesome kid like Yukari in their class.

It's the school bullies?

Together, the trio takes a break at the school cafeteria where they find out Yukari is so clever that she managed to jump classes. She looks up to Moka too because she thinks Moka is very kind and has some great powers. Yukari just can't keep herself away from her. She did not like such an average student like Tsukune being so close to Moka either and because of this, Yukari uses her magical powers to give Tsukune a little beating, throwing a whole bundle of tools on him. The student council trio just happens to be around when she reveals herself as a witch. Another rule broken.

Looks like a normal cafeteria to me.

Tsukune was now in the nurse's office after being submitted to Yukari's witchery and it was none other than Kurumu who was there to clean up his bruises. When she hears that he can no longer get close to Moka because of Yukari, Kurumu is more than happy knowing that she can get to spend more time alone together with Tsukune and immediately goes into her seductive pose. As she crawls closer towards Tsukune, she explains Yukari was hated by everyone in her class. Maybe it was because she thought she was so smart. However, little did the two know Yukari was outside watching them and ready for some mischief again. She was not done with Tsukune yet and was planning to finish him for good.

Voodoo doll power.

Grabbing a voodoo doll with Tsukune's name on it, Yukari forces Tsukune to punch himself so that he falls back onto the bed. Before long, Moka arrives to check on him only to find him on top of Kurumu and holding her breasts. Moka wasn't happy but she didn't know Yukari was behind it all. She thought Kurumu was using her Evil Eyes to charm Tsukune again until they hear Yukari laughing out in the background.

Tsukune has had enough. Bringing Yukari into a classroom, he begins to scold her saying that if she keeps up the mischief she will eventually be all alone. Yukari smiles saying she doesn't care. She doesn't want low class friends anyway but then a sad look dawns on her face. "I've always been alone anyway," she says in a quiet voice. For a brief moment, Tsukune calms down only to be hit by a number of basins again. He chases her out of the classroom but Moka stops him. He really shouldn't be getting so mad at a kid.

I don't care if I don't have any friends!

Meanwhile, Yukari was running through the corridors with flashbacks of how others have been treating her. Her other classmates had heard she was just some old witch and with the way she talks, she's probably the kind of girl that likes to trick guys who had lolita complexes. With the way witches are, she really doesn't need to be in a Youkai school. She probably just uses magic to cheat her way through tests anyway. When Yukari finally reaches outside, she is surprised to bump into the trio again. As the student committee they say they need to teach her a lesson.

We don't like cheeky little girls.

Back inside, Tsukune was arguing with Moka wondering why she has to keep letting the mischievous Yukari off. Moka argues back, not understanding why he doesn't know how Yukari feels. She leaves the room to go after her. Tsukune just doesn't get what Moka meant. Kurumu explains to him that witches are beings that neither humans or Youkais understand. It is said that they were created from a Youkai and a human. For this reason, they aren't accepted by either side and so has no where to go. Thus, this maybe why Yukari was all alone. Tsukune now realises she was going something similar to him and decides to go find her too.

Burning witches long ago.

By now, the council trio had already dragged Yukari out into the forest. They have come to the conclusion that such an annoying little brat was not needed in their class. They transform into their true forms, a group of lizard men. Yukari tries to cast a spell only to have one of the lizard men crush her magic wand.

Just as they were going to close in for the bite, Moka arrives on the scene. She walks pass the lizard men, ignoring them as she reveals how she understands Yukari's loneliness. Moka had a similar experience before after all. She says Yukari should just be honest about her feelings and let people help her sometimes.

It's alright to be honest with yourself.

Angered even further by being ignored, the trio decide to go in for the kill. Tsukune arrives just in time to pull Yukari away but sustains a heavy injury on his back. He now understood what Moka meant about Yukari and wanted to help her too. He apologises for how he treated her earlier.

The lizard men isn't enjoying their little emotional speeches and continues to attack. Running in to slash out at the badly injured Tsukune, Kurumu flies in just in time to carry them to safety. As Tsukune staggers to face the lizard men, he accidentally removes Moka's rosario again and transformation takes place. Yukari is a bit surprised at Moka's true form as the great Youkai vampire. Within a short fifty seven seconds, the lizard men are defeated and Yukari cries because everyone helped her even after the terrible things she's done.

Vampire Moka does it again.

After that event, Yukari apologised to everyone in her class and has been more behaved. The people who treated her badly also started to reflect on their actions. Kurumu and Moka thought she was growing a bit more mature now perhaps but they spoke too soon. Entering the classroom, they found Yukari holding onto Tsukune tightly. Not only did she like Moka, she's also fallen for Tsukune too thanks to his manliness during the fight with the lizard men. A fight between the three girls begins.

It's a harem fight again!

Next episode, "Farewell & Vampire".


Well, I was right when I wondered if every character was going to get their own special fan service move... Wonder what the other "moves" will be. The service wasn't quite as heavy as the last episode (still the same share of panty shots) but, the series is still running pretty generic and repetitive even. There's the familiar "you're not alone" theme that nearly all Japanese shows seem to have and it all ends with the girls fighting over the guy. Is Vampire Moka ever going to get a challenge or will she always defeat everyone in less than two minutes? And Moka looked like a man at the start of the show!

After having started this show, I've come across quite a lot of posts about how Gonzo has been "butchering" Manga to Anime shows lately and this was one of them. It appears there's a quite a difference between this show and the original works. The original Manga doesn't have as much fan service which is odd... Usually it's the other way round as far as I know.

I'll just keep watching anyway until they've introduced all the girls and see what happens afterwards. Perhaps then they can move their focus somewhere else besides saturating the show with fan service by then? Right now, it feels like they're just building up an image of each character for the viewer.

Why not take a break?

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Bleh, it's rather complicated, but that's basically a temp domain, since we lost ikimashou.net due to major faggotry on the registrar's end. I'll keep you updated when the final domain is settled.




Well, like I said before, I haven't read the Manga so I can't really make any comparisons but, I think the fan service is pretty much over the top. I think a lot of people dropped it after the first episode because of that. Panty shots are used like it's an everyday thing. I don't think the fan service can beat a show like Umisho though after what I've seen of that series.

What's been keeping me watching this was the mystery parts of the show such as Moka's other self, who put this school behind a barrier and who is the strange bus driver. That and the new images from episode 4's opening and ending.

Anyway, is that the new address of your blog? I was wondering what happened to it. Is Ikimashou.net gone now? Will need to update the address in my blogroll.




Heh, I guess R+V doesn't work as well for everyone, but here's a good example of a post that outlined the differences between the anime and the manga quite well. After reading that, I felt the anime did a better job than the manga did, but that's just my two cents.