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Code Geass Lost Colours to have Season 2 Characters and Pre-order Refrain Discs

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Code Geass Lost Colours to have Season 2 Characters and Pre-order Refrain Discs

It has been revealed in a recent advert that Code Geass Lost Colors will feature two of the characters that are due to appear in "R2", season two of the show. The first character is one all CG fans will probably already know about by now, namely Lelouch's "brother" Rollo. The second character will be Nonette Enneagram who appears to be on the same side as Suzaku, the Knights of the Round.

Interesting eh? With this PSP dating sim due in March, it'll be giving CG fans like myself some insight into the new characters before the new season airs in April.

And of course, we can't forget the pre-order goodies Bandai has in store. Just like the last RPG on the DS, there will be a disc filled with recordings of famous lines from the show and desktop accessories. The bonus "Refrain II" disc (named after the last disc that came with the DS, "Refrain") will come with three different labels featuring Lelouch, Suzaku or Kallen and will be given out randomly.

The Refrain CD was full of rubbish to be honest with you. It had a boring slide show screensaver full of caps from the show and was filled with eighty-two short sound clips by Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C. and Kallen. I'm not expecting anything better from this disc either... Unless they slip in a few more teasers for R2.

Well, looking forward to the second season!

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