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Happy New Year, It's 2008!

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Happy New Year, It's 2008!


How are those New Year resolutions coming along? Hope you enjoyed the late night celebrations where you were. Over here my neighbourhood was shooting up fireworks everywhere after the countdown on TV then everyone walked outside, leaving their doors open for the new year and cheering.

It's going to be a few days holiday over in Japan, people will be going to temples during O-Shougatsu (New Year's Day). Greeting cards known as Nengajo (年賀状) are also given out to friends too which has a simple message such as "Akemashite Omedetou!" or the formal Kanji "Nenga Shinnen", both meaning "Happy New Year!"

Front & Back of New Year Card

Usually they're pre-paid postcards that start off blank and while most of the people I know hand decorate them for the extra sincere touch, there are people who do design and print them off from their computers. They are then put into a special postbox before the New Year is here and are delivered by the post office on the day.

So since it's a New Year, I've decided to switch to a new layout. I actually want to design my own or at least mod one of the existing themes but, I can't seem to do that with the options this Wordpress account offers. Until I get my own domain space, this will have to do.

Blog Layout 2007

And the following are the best works of 2007 in my opinion. For movies, I have taken live-action ones into consideration too, not just Anime. I haven't listed any Anime series because I think the only recent series I watched for this year is Code Geass... Others I've been watching were old classics such as the entire City Hunter series. I did watch a bit of Death Note but, that got boring after a while since I knew what was going to happen from the Manga. So, not really enough shows to select from.

Game of the Year
Persona 3

Game Runner-up
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd

Movie of the Year
5 Centimeters per Second

Movie Runner-up
The Girl who Leapt Through Time

Initial D's "Blazin' Beat" has been ringing through my head today for some reason so I've set that on loop on my player. Makes me want to re-watch the show again. Well, hope there's an even better line-up of goodies this year! Have a good day!


Falcom Nenga 2008

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Sure thing. I'll be dropping by your blog now and then!

And thanks for the tip about free hosting. I'll keep it in mind ; )




Happy New Year! If you're ever interested in your own free hosting, you could always contact the owner of ikimashou.net, Randall, at his site for more details. That's how I obtained my current hosting.

If you're ever curious about what went on this year, do keep an eye out for my posts in the next few days, as I'll be reviewing the top 5 anime of 2007. You might just find something to your liking. (: