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Persona Trinity Soul Premiere Spoilers, Downloadable Widget

Anime Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul Premiere Spoilers, Downloadable Widget

It's passed Christmas Eve and Persona fans know what that means. The Trinity Soul Premiere event is over and we have some "neta bare" (Japanese for "spoilers") up on the 2ch boards.

Before we move onto the brief details however, you might want to know you can now download a desktop widget off the official site. It features the Kanzato brothers in SD form, changing poses every 20 minutes, offers a memo pad function and the latest news for the site via an RSS feed.

Trinity Soul Desktop Widget

Trinity Soul Desktop Widget with 5cm wallpaper in the background.

It's pretty CPU intensive for some reason. Even with my virus scanner off, it's taking up 40% of processing time making my PC lag. I don't really care about desktop toys for the PC to be honest with you.

Now onto the spoilers about episode 1, "The Special Class 'A' Potential".

The following neta bare have appeared so far.

  • The girl who appears at the start of the teaser, also appears at the start of the episode sinking into the sea. Looks "exactly like" Mitsuru supposedly.
  • Ryou is out at sea to investigate the disappearance of the submarine crew and says, "This is where you are?"
  • Ryou is also talking on the phone in which you can apparently hear Akihiko's voice at the other end saying something along the lines of, "Don't waste the precious Sample A."
  • Apathy syndrome is already happening.
  • On the way to a family restaurant, Jun sees a fortune telling shop and decides to drag Shin together with him to get their fortunes told. Suddenly, a man appears before them wearing a mask on the deserted streets. It appears to be Igor who takes off his mask saying, "We meet again." Shin doesn't know what he's talking about but everything starts going dark. He wakes up in front of his house and wonder what happened. Was it a dream or was it real?
  • Later Shin is helping sort out the stuff they've moved over to their new house. He finds a statue of Igor and decides to try and go find him again. Igor is no where to be found.
  • The brothers have a sister who was lost in an accident.
  • There's no Velvet Room so far.

So there really is a possibility the original SEES gang will be making a reappearance but, Igor as a fortune teller? That part is just full of dark mystery which is one of the things I liked about P3! Wonder if the Velvet Room will make a come back too.

Also, people speculate that the girl mentioned maybe Mitsuru's daughter. I think she and Akihiko makes a good pair. Especially after that incident, I'm sure they're even closer. On the other hand, there's this mention about a "sample" and a lost sister. So maybe the girl isn't their daughter but another experiment or foreign being.

And why would Akihiko talk about "samples"? He doesn't really care about the details in the game does he? He's just concerned about spirit and going for that goal. Then again, he might have changed over the 10 years.

The Anime is sounding really good so far. According to one person who went to the première the animation was smooth, battle scenes were cool and the artwork in the ending was extremely surreal. As a Persona fan however, he thought the Persona that appeared was not very good design wise. P3 fans should get a smile out of the soundtrack even though it's by GetBackers' Iwasaki and not Shoji Meguro.

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Might be some reincarnation thing... Or maybe because of that statue they have. It's been 10 years since the seal and since the MC was already weak at that time, I think this might be the seal at its limit. All guesses of course.

I was pretty much thinking the same thing about the testing. It's starting to sound like this show is another version of P3 or something. Similar kind of plot perhaps.




*Possible spoilers*

Wonder what Igor meant with "We meet again". I always thought he had only met the MC and Aegis, but after the ending of Episode Aegis I don’t know anymore. Also, the return of apathy syndrome means a possible comeback of Nyx... which wouldn’t be surprising, as Death cannot be defeated. If the return of the syndrome IS related to Nyx, then it might mean that the effects of the Great Seal are starting to weaken. The question is: Why?

The “Sample A” thing and the girl at the beginning reminded me of the tests the Kirijo Group did with the Shadows and the members of Strega. Now we have this Marebito group and the Kagenuki game… I can hardly wait to watch the anime!