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Persona Trinity Soul, Meet the "Marebito" Bad Guys

Anime Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul, Meet the "Marebito" Bad Guys

Four new characters have been added to the Persona Trinity Soul website and they are the following people.

Touma Shikura (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)

Touma Shikura

Leader of a secret group that goes by the name of "Marebito". Always calm and composed, Touma appears to be acting on a certain believe but, within those eyes there lingers some sorrow.

Yuuji Kimoto (CV: Nobuo Tobita)

Yuuji Kimoto

One of the many people who are responsible for the "Serial Reverse Cases" in Ayanagi City. A little violent and lacks judgement. He is the most hostile person amongst the Marebito but, he looks up to Touma like his older brother and is a likeable person when before him.

Soutarou Senou (CV: Motoki Takagi)

Soutarou Senou

Soutarou is the youngest member of the Marebito being 16 years old and is also the most farsighted in terms of thinking. He enjoys acting alone more than in a group and often you'll see his innocent face full of madness.

Saki Tachibana (CV: Mayumi Sako)

Saki Tachibana

A mysterious Persona user who is also the only female within the Marebito. Working together with Touma, her gaze shows that she has great faith and affection for her leader.


So, the last time we were introduced to members that remind me of the SEES team. This time these four characters just remind me of Strega. So I wonder what part does this Marebito group play in these cases of Reverse? Are they the ones luring people into that ominous "Kagenuki (Shadow Throwing)" game Megumi and Kanaru's concerned about? In any case, I doubt they're going to be the masterminds.

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Hmmm, Touma seems more active than he was.

And yes, according to Bloomberg, which is a business and financial information service, Atlus has plans to work on 10 titles for 2008. One title for the first half of the year and 9 in the second half. Amongst the 9 titles will be Persona 4 for the PS2 and the Etrian Odyssey series for the DS.

It's good news since I don't have a PS3 in the house or planning to get one soon. Just hope it will be as entertaining as P3!




Touma reminds me so much of Shinjiro. In a way, all the characters so far remind me of the ones in P3. By the way, have you heard about Persona 4 on the Playstation 2? I am not sure about it, I thought people meant Playstation 3, but who knows.