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A Fun Set of Petit Evangelion Mini Games for the DS

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A Fun Set of Petit Evangelion Mini Games for the DS

The DS is finally getting an Evangelion game but unlike the PSP, it's not going to be based on the philosophical TV show but on the fun deformed Petit Eva series instead.

Named simply as "Puchi Eva" (it's probably a working name), the gameplay is as simple as how the graphics look. All you have to do is touch or circle anything that might be of interest to you during the set of mini games.

Here we have the "Operation Get The Cake!" where Misato is offering some cake but the other characters are after it too. If you tap on the cake then Asuka or EVA-01 will leap out to grab it.

Screens 1

However, if you create a distraction such as circling the watermelons to make Kaji come water them then, you might just be able to let Shinji eat the cake in peace.

Game is set for sometime in Spring 2008.

Screens 2

Sounds like fun. If you're interested in learning more about Petit Eva ("Puchi Eva" in Japanese) that this is based on, you can go visit the official site where you can read a few 4 panel Manga strips too.

Petit Eva is basically a series of products featuring cute SD (Super Deformed) versions of the characters from the Evangelion series. Just recently they've started working on short animated clips too such as this first one named, "Lunchtime".

Poor Shinji. I guess that's what happens when you're too nice ^^;

Now when are we going to get a DVD release date for the Rebuild movie?

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