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Persona Trinity Soul Website Renewed with Character Profiles and Trailer

Anime Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul Website Renewed with Character Profiles and Trailer

The Persona Trinity Soul site has been given a renewal on Friday and we now have profiles of the main cast including yet again, the introduction of one more new character.

Just like last time, lets find out who this new guy named "Takurou Sakakiba" is then first, shall we?

Takurou Sakakiba (CV: Hideki Tasaka)

A classmate of Shin. At a glance, he seems intimidating and blunt but he is actually surprisingly nice when he is dealing with those who have their guard down or anyone he likes. It appears he hasn't told anyone about why he lies about his school rule breaking, curly hairstyle being natural. Ever since his arrival at Naginomori Academy, Megumi Kayano's been growing quite "fond" of his manliness.


Megumi Kayano (CV: Kana Asumi)

A second year high student at Naginomori Academy. Also a classmate of Shin. She is bright, cheerful and always positive. She takes good care of everyone regardless of status whether they're a guy, girl, a senior or juniour. Megumi doesn't like people going round in circles and is quite a cries quite a bit. She belongs to the dance club in school and is a member of the Street Dancing Association. She doesn't like the people around her who are taking part in the recent hit "Kagenuki" game either.


Kanaru Morimoto (CV: Mai Nakahara)

A classmate of Shin. A girl who has a reserved manner and appears to have the purity of a young princess. She has a pre-eminenced personality and is a little spontanoeous. Kanaru's marks are top of the class and she is actually better at literal sklls such as languages and speed reading than she is at scientific subjects. For some reason, she seems overconcerned about this dangerous game known as "Kagenuki".


Ryou Kanzato (CV: Takehito Koyasu)

The oldest son in the Kanzato family and also the chief of the Ayanagi City Police Department. A gloomy 28 year old who doesn't smile much. He is investigating the bizarre serial cases that have been happening in the area alone and, due to the secrecy of the important information he holds, some of the staff are wary of him and oppose him. For some reason, despite being reunited with his brothers after 10 years, he has a fight with Shin and keeps himself at distance from them but underneath, he has some feelings towards them.


Jun Kanzato (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

The youngest son in the Kanzato family. A 14 year old second year high student at Naginomori Academy who likes to socialize. Having been living together with Shin all his life he appears to love him very much but, he's actually not an obedient and docile brother. He's actually more mature than Shin. Sometimes he looks like a mischief loving young girl so it's hard to use plain words to describe his mysterious personality. He makes Shin worried.


Shin Kanzato (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

A second year high student at Naginomori Academy. An average 17 year old who's not particularly shy and isn't very brave either. An honest person. After his parents died he was raised by his aunt in Tokyo but for some reason he has returned to his home of Ayanagi City. He has the simple ability of making anything he unconsciously touches real. A fit young man who for some reason misses his cold older brother and cares for his younger brother.



OK, so Shin returns to Ayanagi City for "some reason"... Why does that ring so familiar? Just that this time, he has a younger brother Jun who has been staying with him. Does that mean Nyx is really back?

Now we almost have an entire gang. Ryou is Akihiko, Takurou is Junpei, Kanaru is Mitsuru, Megumi is Yukari and Jun is Ken. So I guess I could be wrong about Kanaru being the Moe character of attention but, we'll see.

There is also this trailer up on the site but it seems everyone has been having problems viewing it directly due to the DRM protection. The server just won't let you download the license to view it so here's a Youtube version.

"Three brothers reunite after 10 years."

"A mysterious series of bizarre cases."

"Apathy Syndrome is on the rise."

"Now their other self awakens..."

Looks like it's going to be a fairly calm first episode for the story and it will probably end with a cliffhanger of Shin's Persona awakening. It looks like they're not going to be keeping the evokers in since the Persona just appeared.

The animation and artwork is looking great so this should be a good watch. The "reversed" corpse" looked gruesome and it looks like it will be fairly gory. Iwasaki's music was pretty good in this one but, that was expected since his GetBackers music was pretty good too. Very first episode airs January 5th on Tokyo MX, MBS and BS11 Digital but the real question for us oversea fans is, when will the RAWs be up?

I really do hope they bring the original gang back because really, how can they not react when they hear about the Apathy Syndrome again? Please bring them back Atlus!


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