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Persona Trinity Soul to get Premiere Screening on Christmas Eve

アニメ Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul to get Premiere Screening on Christmas Eve


Vol. 1 of the Persona Trinity Soul newsletter was mailed out today and here's what was in it.

First episode premieres on Christmas Eve.

The official site is now accepting applications for the première screening event which will be held on Christmas Eve in Tokyo. 130 lucky winners will be able to watch the first episode of the Anime show, listen to live performances of the theme songs and enjoy a talk show with the cast.

Should be interesting reading the spoilers on 2ch once it's over. It doesn't say who the voice actors are just yet but, we should find out early December. If any of them are from the original P3 cast then, I think we can be pretty sure we won't see the the old SEES members coming back.

The artists for the theme songs have also been decided. The opening "Breakin' Through" (according to various other sources) will be sung by Shuuhei Kita, the winner of Japan's 1st Anime Song Grandprix. You can watch his performance on NicoNico if you have an account with the site and it was pretty good so I'm sure the song will be too. It will be his debut in the music trade.

Ending song will be sung by Nana Kitade who also sung the ending for Full Metal Alchemist, "Kesenai Tsumi". I haven't heard her other songs but, that particular song stuck with me for a few days when I first heard it which means it wasn't too bad.

Shame they didn't get Yumi Kawamura to sing the songs but it makes sense considering Shoji isn't doing the BGM for the show.

Lastly, the newsletter lists the magazines that covers the show namely, the December issues of Newtype, Animage, Animedia, B's Log, Dengeki Maoh and Dengeki Layers. And of course, don't forget the concept art from last time.


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