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Katsura Hashino Reveals Persona 3's Early Battle System

Persona 3

Katsura Hashino Reveals Persona 3's Early Battle System

In Atlus' Volume 23 of Creator Works, Persona 3 Director Katsura Hashino (also producer of the Trauma Center series) reveal videos of what the battle system looked like during the early stages of development.

Due to the fact that P3 is different than previous MegaTen games with its dynamic menus and comic-like visuals, the staff had to do quite a bit of experimentation such as how encounters should work. Initially, they tried using something that resembles a real time battle system like that used in ARPGs. You see enemies on the field and fight them on the spot. No transitioning between screens.

Early P3 Battle System

Nice victory dance.

This actually reminds me of all the Korean MMOs I've tried out so far such as RAN Online and RF Online. Amusement didn't last long because all I found myself doing was bashing buttons and killing everything in sight so, I'm glad Atlus didn't end up using the system they show here. The final system they use in P3 might not seem that different but at least there's an incentive to plan in battles before each move.

However, due to the limited amount of memory the P3 team had to work with, they decided to try out the common way RPGs work i.e. switching to the same battle screen for (almost) every encounter. This video shows you something a little closer to what the finished product looks like.

Second Style

Closer to the finished product.

Katsura will continue talking about the work they put into developing the game system in the next volume of Creator Works. Meanwhile, you can checkout previous volumes for some screenshots taken during development.

Also didn't know Atlus has a Persona game planned for the PSP since 2004. I wonder if it'll just be a port / remake of the first PSX Persona game "Revelations: Persona" or, will it be something original? I really hope for the latter because I'm getting kind of tired of all these remakes that have been coming out. Even better if it's something as good as P3.

PSP Persona Game

前に発表されたPSPのペルソナゲームがペルソナ3ほど良いのオリジナルゲームだといいな!(’ ▽ ’)ノ

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Xcomp Author

Yes, since the Japanese closed beta two years ago ;)




any heard of Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE MMORPG?




Xcomp Author

It's as big as the screenshots get from the official Atlus site I'm afraid.




Xcomp, can you post a bigger screencap of that second picture?

White clothes, a broadsword... that guy... does he look like Nate from the previous Persona games or what..? ^_^;



Xcomp Author

Er, this...? This is what Persona 3 looked like in its early stages before it was released...



Silver moon

hei Xcomp what this Game name ?




There's no release date yet so you've got plenty of time to enjoy P3.

And there's all sorts of P3 goods out. Just take a look at the Wiki entry. I've only bought the drama CDs and P3FES Fanbook so far.



Emiya Shiro

Persona for PSP O_o i have PSP so they could release persona for PSP :) but now im still on p3 but i have some break because im watching some anime right now :D

BTW> Enyone could post what P3 related games and stuf are and will be out ?




Well, the characters you see in these early videos don't really look like the final designs so I doubt they have some battle animation of her.



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

Without transition? That explains why Persona 3 battle sprite and their normal field sprite look so much similar. I actually want to check out whther Fuuka could enter the battle field or not, given that there is no transition. This means she might have battle animation just like other party members.

Nice article! 8D




Well, all RPGs requires a bit of thought before giving out commands really. P3 has more incentive IMO such as certain attacks being nullified completely or, giving you an extra turn when you hit the enemy's weakness etc.

And yes, there's something planned for the DS too but I'm not too excited about it TBH because it's not a Persona game. All the MegaTen games I've tried so far has been a lot of corridor crawling which I didn't really enjoy.




I love the combat-system in P3. It is not one of those mindless button-mashing games, you actually have to think before attacking.

Nice to hear about (maybe new) Persona on PSP. If I am not wrong, we will get a new SMT game as well on the DS.