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5 Centimeters per Second Novel Coming November?

秒速5厘米 日本動畫

5 Centimeters per Second Novel Coming November?


Ah, finally a release date for the 5cm novel. Well, it's actually unconfirmed but as you know, the serialised version of the novel just ended in last month's October issue of Da Vinci. Now several Japanese blogs are claiming the standalone version is due out next month in November. Even the Wikipedia entry's been updated with this date.

I've tried to confirm the source but couldn't find anything. Even online book sites don't have anything about pre-orders yet.

However if it is true then, maybe I'll be able to import it before the overseas mail services stop over here for Christmas time. Can't wait to read what has been added to the novel version! Now I wonder what the cover will look like...

5cm Poster


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