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Suzumiya Haruhi PSP Trailer, Harehare Yukai Dance RPG Version Screens Revealed

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Suzumiya Haruhi PSP Trailer, Harehare Yukai Dance RPG Version Screens Revealed


The official site for "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku" has been updated with a trailer narrated by none other than Aya Hirano, the voice actress behind Haruhi. There's footage of the dialogues, event scenes, the Motion Portrait system and mini games. The trailer also mentions the AVG will actually contain an "original story" when you're just going to go through the same events as the show but, I guess it's because there will be multiple endings as all games of this type usually do.

You can watch the trailer in the "Movie" section or Youtube.

Haruhi PSP Trailer

I wonder what ending most Haruhi fans will be going for - Haruhi, Mikuru or Yuki? And did whoever produce this trailer show Mikuru in her bikini on purpose when the lyrics reach the line, "Watashi no mune ni (in my chest)"...?

Some stats presented at the beginning of the trailer were over 800,000 DVDs, 4,000,000 novels and 1,000,000 Manga have been sold. I'm sure this along with Crisis Core will help move a lot more PSP units in the short term. The Premium Box version is currently on top of Amazon Japan's pre-order games list after all. I'm not so sure if it will manage to top the game charts once it's out, though.

Meanwhile Dengeki has revealed screenshots from the new version of the Harehare Yukai dance that will appear in the PS2 game's bonus disc. They've even given a name for it, "Uchuusho! Odoru SOS Dan (The First Dancing SOS Brigade in Space!)".

Harehare Yukai RPG Ver.

It somehow doesn't look that good because of the cell shaded-like graphics.


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