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Second Rebuild of Evangelion Movie to get New Female Character, The Rumours


Second Rebuild of Evangelion Movie to get New Female Character, The Rumours

So, it's been 3 weeks since the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie premièred in Japan and thanks to a leaked trailer, we can expect the following to appear in the next movie due 2008.

  • Sortie of Test Unit EVA-05.
  • EVA-02 and its pilot (Asuka of course).
  • The destruction of EVA-04.
  • The activation experiment when EVA-03 is invaded.
  • EVA-06 and its pilot descending from the moon.

Not narrated in the trailer, is the addition of a new female character revealed in this month's Newtype magazine. Not much is really known about her apart from the visual fact that she's a brunette with pigtails and wears glasses. According to Musashiken, Newtype also uses the Kanji for "carnage" and "beauty" to describe her character; carnage during battles and beauty when she is teasing Shinji.

New Girl in Rebuild of Evangelion

Not sure if the yellow plug suit drawing is official or not because I remember seeing Asuka in that pose. Saying that, you can see the new girl's face briefly towards the end of the trailer. The background in that shot makes it look as if she might be at Yui Ikari's grave or somewhere in the Antarctic... Think Gainax decided to throw in a never before mentioned sister for Shinji?

Well outside of the magazine details, there are rumours saying that her name is "Mari (マリ)". Voiced by Takako Matsu, she is transferred over to Japan's NERV HQ due to the accident that occurred at the American branch when EVA-05 was destroyed. I'm guessing (if this is true) EVA-05 is supposed to be rebuilt afterwards or something since it sorties in the second movie.

I looked up "Takako Matsu" and it seems she's a singer and not a voice actress so the rumour maybe false. On the other hand, there have been a number of actresses performing voice acting for the first time such as Tifa's voice actress Ayumi Ito in Advent Children so it could still be true. Not to mention Takako has experience in narration too.

In any case, this will be an interesting addition to the story. Judging by that pose of her in the magazine, it seems she might be another tsundere girl and a rival for Asuka. I just hope it doesn't turn into a harem show.

I wonder where she'll live and will it affect that kissing scene between Asuka and Shinji. Also, does that mean any new Eva posters won't feature that 3 pilot "triangle" pose but 4 instead? Not a very nice number in Sino-Asian languages since it has the same pronunciation as "death". Three is much better but in the case of Eva, "4" just might work...

Looking forward to more details.

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New Evangelion character in the next movie? | Blinky’s “R” Us

[...] No longer content to have the main 3 pilots, Gainax has decided to add more convolutions to the already convoluted Evangelion plotline with the addition of the new character.  The new Evangelion movies are actually re-tellings of the original episodes, which is why the addition of a new character is interesting, as it hints that they are taking the plot in a new direction.  Joining Shinji, Asuka and Rei is the glasses wearing brunette, Mari, who pilots Eva Unit-05, which was only mentioned briefly in the original series.  This character, who is not Girlfriend of Steel character Mana, sports a yellow plugsuit similar to Asuka’s, and hails from the American branch of Nerv.  She also appears at the end of this trailer.  At the time, this is still a rumor.  I guess we when the next movie is released (or the first on is ever brought over here) Source: Xcomp’s Yuuenchi [...]



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