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FFVII Crisis Core Website System and Character Section Updated, LE Pre-orders Gone

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FFVII Crisis Core Website System and Character Section Updated, LE Pre-orders Gone

At last, the system section of the FFVII: Crisis Core website has finally been updated. Just over 2 weeks before the game is released so still enough time to knock up more potential sales! This should top the Japanese game charts no problem although I wonder how many copies will be moved in the first week or launch day even. Big queues at the usual stores? Probably.

There's four new videos up on the site. There's the video which shows off the real time battle system. Freely moving around the battle field, you execute basic attacks with his sword and can guard. You can see Zack casting Blizzard on Ifrit but what you don't see is that you can run behind enemies to pull off critical hits.

Next there's the Materia video showing how differently equipped Materia affects your stats, abilities, magic and DMW system. I'm sure there will be one for the DMW system itself eventually.

Crisis Core Characters

In the characters section, we see the official romanisation for the new Turk is "Cissnei". I was pretty close with "Cisne". There's a video of Zack showing Sephiroth catching him off guard. Zack fights him saying he will be a hero too. As for Hewley's video, Zack ends up owing him another one. Hewley's Buster Sword gets chipped but Zack is more important that the sword... By just a little.

Meanwhile, SE is no longer accepting pre-orders of the Limited Edition PSP package on their e-shop although if you live outside Europe, Play-Asia is still accepting them. Those within Europe can try Yesasia or watch out for it on NCSX. Just don't forget about your country's import customs. Or, you could always wait for the "enterprising" ones that appear on auction sites...

FFVII PSP Earphones

If I didn't already have a PSP then I might have considered ordering it. Those who put in a pre-order for either the LE or regular edition also have a chance of getting their hands on these "Final Fantasy 10th Anniversary" earphones too, featuring the anniversary logo with characters Zack and Cloud. Not really appealing enough for me so, I'm just going to pick up the game later.

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