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I Found Another Limited Edition Volume of GetBackers…! Or so I Thought


I Found Another Limited Edition Volume of GetBackers…! Or so I Thought

Ever since I found out there was other limited editions of the GetBackers Manga, I've been scouring the net for retailers that stocked them. I spotted one store Animegamers that had a copy of volume 39 limited edition in stock so I quickly put in an order.

I also decided to put in an order for the July issue of Newtype since I'm planning to purchase all the Code Geass Drama CDs at some point anyway so I wanted as complete a collection as I could. Not to mention international shipping is expensive so I might as well add something else in to make the fee worth it.

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Well, my order arrived about a week later in another box (smaller than Animenation's) and it was well packed. However, the GetBackers Manga was missing the essential collector's items, the 5 originally illustrated postcards. They were the whole point for me buying another copy of volume 39! Now I'll just have to e-mail them about it and see what they say. Hope they just forgot to pack them in.

Other than my ordered items, there were a bundle of adventisements too. One or two nice postcards including one of Fate Stay Night.

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