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The False or Deceiving Something, Name Success’ New SRPG!

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The False or Deceiving Something, Name Success’ New SRPG!


The title of their new SRPG which is set for sometime this year begins with "Itsuwari-" but, the company Success hasn't decided what the rest of the title is yet. They want Japanese players to come up with something and also a subtitle to go with it if players want to. Details of the story and characters are up on the official site for reference.

Player who comes up with the winning name gets their name added to the staff roll and also receives a free copy of the game itself.

Last day for entries will be April 16th and the winner will be announced in the beginning of May.

The Characters

Set in the Kingdom of Britwald, a land surrounded by four other kingdoms, their knights once fought back the Power of Darkness using a Sacred Sword.

The King's funeral is taking place but suddenly the neighbouring kingdom Gran Merl attacks them. They are after the Power of Darkness. It was all part of the Britwald Imperial Mage, Mefreul's conspiracy. As the knights of Britwald fell to the attack, Cerdic the prince and a few other survivors fled to Shalem in the south where they plan to revive their Kingdom.

As the Shalem Federation confers how to counter Gran Merl's attacks, an unexpected visitor who was supposed to be staying at the monastery in Valona, Queen of Britwald arrives.

It was the great chance for a clan who wanted to join Gran Merl to make their move. Appearing suddenly in Shalem, they capture the Queen. Now Cerdic and the remaining Britwald army are determined to rise once again.

Prince Cerdic


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