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My Happy Manner Book, The DS Guide to being Lady-like!

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My Happy Manner Book, The DS Guide to being Lady-like!


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Training software for the DS is becoming very common in Japan now and unfortunately, we don't see much of them outside of Japan.

Taito has announced "Watashi no Happy Manner Book" for 2007 and is aimed at the female audience to teach them how to be a lady. Of course, some of the material presented only concerned the Japanese.

There are four modes available which are Lessons, Novel, Manners Dictionary and a Progress Chart. Players can go with lessons where they take tests and follow a curriculum or, the more entertaining Novel mode that presents the player with everyday situations that ladies can get into and how they should act using scenarios. As for the Manners Dictionary, this acts as a reference for things such as table manners, writing letters and ceremonial occasions. The software is also allow players to customise the frames used and offers a scheduler function.

Perhaps they'll have something for us guys next!

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