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“Survival Kids” and “Trauma Center” for the Collection


“Survival Kids” and “Trauma Center” for the Collection

It was pretty hard to find a new copy of "Lost in Blue" (as it's known in English) because it seems to be sold out everywhere in the UK just like "Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow", apart from the Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. Then I found Foxy.co.uk was selling it so I put in an order.

2 more for my DS games collection!

I never shopped with the site before so I checked out reviews of Foxy before registering for the order. Service was good, though. They sent me around 4 e-mails letting me know what was happening with my order...

  1. Order confirmation.
  2. Requesting item from warehouse.
  3. Located item in warehouse.
  4. Item dispatched.

Saves you logging in every few hours to find out what's happening with your order I guess :P This order took around 3 days to arrive at my house today and unlike other retailers, they send it by recorded mail so you have to be there to sign for it.

Looks like Gameplay got their new stock of Trauma Center directly from Nintendo because the seal wrapping around it has their logo across the middle of it.

Nintendo Sticker

Anyway, I know both games are pretty "old" being released back in 2005 but, I only bought my DS around 2 months ago so I haven't played any of the older titles. Been spending more time playing through the newer games like Rune Factory and the FFIII remake!

They're both good purchases, original games which is the reason why I decided to shell out for a DS. Clones on the PC were really boring me apart from the odd rare adventure game.

Screenshot Screenshot

"Lost in Blue" if you don't know, is a survival game from Konami based along the lines of "Survival Kids" released way back in 1999 on the Gameboy. Basically, you play as shipwrecked Keith who is stuck on an island with a girl named Skye. Now you have to go around salvaging what you can around the island, using the touch screen to build prehistoric tools, hunting for food and exploring the area to find a way to return home. It's a really good original game that makes use of the DS' features!

ScreenshotScreenshot Screenshot
Yes coconuts! How can you not have coconuts when you're stranded on an island?!

Now I just have to wait for my copy of Sega's Brain Age and Gyakuten Saiban to arrive :D

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