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DSL Hori Screen Protector & Multi-Pouch


DSL Hori Screen Protector & Multi-Pouch

Well, just received my DSL goods from Lik-Sang.com, a week after dispatch again. Ordered a new Hori Multi-Pouch and Screen Protectors for my DSL as well as a spare battery. The battery's actually for someone I know at uni who travels to Asia every few months during the uni breaks. He plays his DSL at full brightness so the battery power is just still not enough for him...

The battery is actually from a third party and not from Nintendo so I'm not sure how well it performs. It comes with a very tiny screwdriver too.

Hori DSL Screen Protectors
So why new screen protectors and not just peel them off my old DS? Well, I was actually going to sell my old DS once the case had arrived for my new DSL so, I thought the screen protectors should help attract some attention. They're also hard to get off actually, even when I tried using the sticky tape method people have been posting on the net.

If you look at Hori's Nintendo licensed screen protectors, you'll find they have two versions, one for the DSL and one for the original DS. According to their site, the new DSL protectors have an extra layer added to the touchscreen protector to allow you to slide your stylus on it more smoothly.

After testing both sets of screen protectors using Osu! Tatakae Ouendan! and some crazy circle spinning, I found the DSL screen protectors do offer a slightly smoother surface.

For those of you who aren't sure how to apply Hori's screen protectors, here's a short simple guide. Note that the DSL version of their protectors now have a fluorescent yellow sticker on them.

Applying the Screen Protectors

  1. Give your screens a good rubbing with the cloth that's provided then blow off the specks of dust from the screens.
  2. Now lets do the top screen first. Each of the screen protectors are wedged in between two tabbed sheets of plastic as shown in the diagram above. Take the screen protector with the red tab and holding onto the tab with two fingers, peel off the plastic with the rounded tab. Take care not to touch the side of the screen protector that you're exposing as this will be the side that sticks onto your screen.
  3. Line up the left side of the screen protector with the edge of the screen and while still holding onto the tab, slowly bend the newly exposed side of the screen protector (in this case, with the yellow sticker facing upwards) onto the screen and you should see it taping onto the screen.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the touch screen protector. You'll find that you'll have to position it about a millimetre or so away from the left edge, unlike the top screen protector as it's slightly smaller than the touchscreen.
  5. Now you can peel back the final tabbed layer of plastic that is on top the protector and you're done!

Hori DSL Multi-Pouch
Also bought a new case for my DSL because the other DS Compact Pouch can't hold the new DSL in place. It was designed for the original bigger DS after all. The first thing you'll notice is that the Nintendo DSL logo at the front isn't made of rubber like the DS Compact Pouch was.

Inside, it has the same sort of pockets were you can hold 2 DS cards in each pocket and a bigger netted pocket for whatever you can fit. But there's an added pocket for a spare stylus.

The DSL Multi Pouch also has a lot of cushioning for where you put your DSL into which is good. The only gripe I have is that while the Compact Pouch zips your DS inside, the Multi Pouch uses a velcro cover. This usually means the cover will become loose eventually as dust and other bits of foreign material gathers on it. If only they kept the little clip they used for the DS Multi Pouch...

Order from Lik-Sang.com.

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