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Starfox Command Coming Soon

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Starfox Command Coming Soon

A title that was released on many of Nintendo's systems, the latest version "Starfox Command" will be on sale for the NDS on August 3rd in Japan while the US release follows a few weeks later on the 28th.

The game will be split into two phases, a Move Phase and an Action Phase. In the Move Phase, players will be able to plan out their strategies and routes. If the player encounters an enemy somewhere along the route, he/she will move into the Action Phase where he/she will be fighting the enemy.

Starfox Comand will contain over 30 stages that take part in various environments including deserts, space, sea and volcanic areas. Many of the characters that appeared in previous Starfox games are also featured in this game.

A VS Mode will allow up to 6 players to battle one another using only one game card. Players will also be able to connect to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection to play against up to 4 other players in the world.

Source: Famitsu

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