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More Brain Training from “Unou no Tatsujin”

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More Brain Training from “Unou no Tatsujin”


The latest and third title, in the Unou no Tatsujin series, "Kosodate Quiz: My Angel" allows the player to raise a child in the brain teaser.

In the style of an adventure game, players take the usual exercises that stimulate the right part of the brain. Split into the usual categories of memory, analyze, knowledge, judgement and concentration etc, players will earn the necessary funds to raise the child in the game. The exercises and tests that the player takes will also determine the way the child grows up.

Besides the exercises, there are also events that allow the player to teach the child how to speak and talk with him/her using various questions.

In the main "Sukoyaka Mode", each game played will make the child grow older by one year. In between these games, many events both sad and happy, will take place allowing the player to watch the child grow up. These events occurr depending on the result of the games and include sports days, classes, family holidays and progressing in school.

Once the child reaches the age of 21, he/she will leave the player leading to one of over 30 different endings.

A Wi-Fi mode will allow up to 4 players to compete in the exercises as well as let their child meet each other.

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Source: GameWatch


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