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Falcom is Looking for 30 Voice Actors for Zero no Kiseki | Falcomが「零の奇跡」プレイヤー声優募集?! | 日本Falcom招集「零之奇跡」聲演員?!

It appears Falcom are accepting applications for anyone who’d like to have a role voice acting in their fourth “Sora no Kiseki” sequel, “Zero no Kiseki“.

Applications began on Monday shortly after they announced the game and will be open until May 31st. The application procedure is simple – Pick one of the shown character sprites on the site and then give it a name.

30 names will then be randomly drawn and be given a minor role in the PSP game. Falcom staff will set up the rest such as your lines and the kind of personality your side character has.

This might end up being a break for anyone aspiring to be a voice actor/actress.

Falcom Reveals Their First Fighter and New Sora no Kiseki RPG

Falcom must really love their “Sora no Kiseki” RPG setup because they are now working on a fourth title for the PSP!

There’s not much information regarding this new title named “Zero no Kiseki” at the moment other than teaser screenshots and that the protagonists are named Loyd Bannings and Elly McDowell. Apparently these characters were shown in the bonus “Legend of Heroes 7 Design Works” book that came as a bonus with their last game, Ys7.

Expect to see this sometime this year, 2010.

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