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Hand Warmer Gadgets | 懐炉 | 暖手袋

Happy New Year, readers!

How’s your part of the world been and how have you been spending the holidays? Snow’s all melted here leaving lots of grit and a muddy looking ground. Not a pretty sight.

Always wanted to try one of these reusable hand warmer gadgets considering how cold it can get in Scotland but, never really got round to picking any up because I wasn’t sure if they really worked. They seem to pop up quite a lot in Japanese media. Falcom were giving out heart shaped ones in Akiba once to promote one of their Ys games then in Amagami SS, I saw them again.

Asked a colleague of mine who used them and he said they can grow pretty bothersome because you have to reset them every time. So, I decided to try some myself. They come in all sorts of shapes.

I decided to go for these blue disc shaped, reusable ones although the one use types are supposedly better.

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Winter Noon | 冬の昼 | 冬之中午

Was out and about in Glasgow as usual and during noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the town was lit up with a rare warm golden hue as if it was sunset, casting long dramatic shadows of the busy crowd across the grounds.



Naturally, it was another moment I thought that would make an interesting photo. Of course, I done a bit of my own post-processing of the RAW by knocking up the colour temperature, doubling it for a deeper gold colour and increased the black point for darker shadows.



Winter Noon

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