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A Look at the Uniqlo Official Evangelion 2.0 Movie T-shirts | ユニクロの公式エヴァ破Tシャツをちょっとみようか | 看看Uniqlo的新世紀福音戰士劇場版破短袖衫

Went ahead and ordered a few official Uniqlo Evangelion 2.0 t-shirts from London’s Uniqlo store which offers a one off, flat rate postage and packaging fee so if you’re ordering, it’s best if you ordered more than one item.

Although most online stores offer free postage, Uniqlo doesn’t but arrived the next day after dispatch. I was expecting to sign for the package since it’s tracked but I just found it through the letter box. No cardboard packaging, just a neatly packed Uniqlo branded white bag.

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Uniqlo to Launch Evangelion Movie T-shirts in May | ユニクロが5月下旬にエヴァ劇場版Tシャツ発売 | Uniqlo5月末出新世紀福音戰士劇場版短袖衫

There’s no Uniqlo stores here in Scotland as far as I’m aware but for those of you Eva fans that do have access to one, you might want to watch out for these Eva Rebuild movie themed t-shirts due out in the second half of May.

This should be better than going for the bootleg printed t-shirts that come off in a few washes ^^;

Update: Those of you in the UK can order them from the London Uniqlo store for £12.99 each.



蘇格蘭沒有Uniqlo分店但如果你是Eva迷又有分店在附近, 可以留意五月未有無這些記念Eva破DVD和Blu-ray發賣的短袖衫


Update: 可在鑽石山 (Diamond Hill) 寶琳 (Po Lam)的分店買到。