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Steins;gate 0 Review

So this official visual novel sequel actually takes part just before the “true ending” in the prequel where Okabe has undone everything, back in the beta timeline. Kurisu has been murdered and he is so depressed and traumatised that he refuses to try one last time in reaching Steins Gate where World War III never happens.

Okabe in despair.

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Trip to Japan Day 9 – Osaka. Den Den Town and Shopping

Even Osaka can't escape Hello Kitty

We were off to Osaka today.

Originally I wanted to visit Osaka Castle early morning when there should be fewer people but my friend wanted to go off to a Virtual Reality conference back in Tokyo so we decided to skip it. It was going to be a pop culture day again because we were going to head straight to Den Den Town which was basically Osaka’s version of Akihabara – lots of Anime, games, Manga pop culture goods.

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Steins;Gate Official Materials Artbook, Q&A

I’ve become such a fan of Steins;Gate’s story after playing the game I decided I had to find the “official materials” artbook. Unfortunately, since the book was published for the original Xbox360 game 2 years ago and Huke’s artwork is so popular, it seems to be sold out everywhere.

Fortunately, Amazon JP managed to restock the 2300 Yen (US$29) book and although the EMS postage fees make this book close to £40, I decided to go for it anyway. It turns out to be a great read with a very interesting Q&A section that clarifies some points of the story.

Don’t read on if you haven’t played the game and is still watching the show yet since it contains plenty of visual spoilers! And yes, I know the exposure and white balance is inconsistence in the photos but… They should do for the purpose of this preview ^^;

Steins Gate Artbook - Official Materials

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Steins;Gate – Story Synopsis & Game Mini Review

Interest probably grew in the Otakusphere towards Steins;Gate because of Black Rock Shooter since it is illustrated by the same artist Huke and, I admit it was the art that caught my eye in the first place when I saw an article about the game. Then it was the story line.

Since I can’t discuss the game spoilers in the forums I might as well pour it all out here. I’ve written this all from memory so there will be places that are inaccurate and I’ve tried to slim down to the most important points.

Needless to say, for those of you watching the Steins;Gate Anime TV series, spoilers ahead. Be warned! Although you might want to read about the individual character endings that the show probably won’t cover.


Prologue, Chapter 1 – Time Travel Paranoia
Episode 1, 2, 3

The story starts off with Okarin (Okabe Rintaro), a “chuunibyou” with delusional “mad scientist” ambitions, who goes to attend a presentation about time travel but discovers Kurisu Makise, a young genius, murdered. When he sends a message to his friend Daru about the matter, he suddenly finds himself in the streets of Akiba with everyone gone. Mayuri wakes him up and he finds the presentation cancelled with a large satellite crashed in the very building he was in earlier.

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