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Up The Alley Stairs | 裏町階段登ってゆこう | 上後巷樓梯去

Been meaning to process this shot for a while. I took it when I was out on a Sunday and came across a little market place in town. I never noticed it before despite walking past the spot many times. This time, the blaring music at the arch by Sloans Market Place was enough to catch my attention so I popped in to have a look around.

Unfortunately I seem to have only kept this shot from that day so I can’t show you the goods that were on sale but you can find all sorts of old items such as books, antique postcards, hand crafts and local photographs for sale there as you would expect from a market place. There’s also a little pub if you’re at the legit drinking age.

Anyway, noticed this staircase towering in the corner and thought I could try something with it. Pity I didn’t notice the security camera got in the way until I got home but again, just like “After The Rain” I can’t decide which processed RAW is better… The colour or black and white version so I’m just posting both.


残念ながらあの日に撮った写真はこれしか残っていなくて売っていた物を見せてあげられません。いろんな古いものがあったが、手芸品や地元の写真も あった。それから、もう成年の方は飲みに行くことも出来るパブもあります。

そしてある角にこの非常階段を気付いていました。「何かいい写真になるだろ」と思って撮りました。ちなみに黒白版か色付きがどっちがいいか分からん か打てどっちもここで載せるね(笑)

我常常經過這裏但只是最近才發現有這様叫「Sloans Market Place」的地方。聽到許大聲的音樂我走入去看看。



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