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Trip to Japan Day 10 – Tokyo, Nakano Broadway, Mugiwara Store, Pokemon Centre, J-World

It was back to Tokyo today. Finally goodbye to those “sauna” hotel rooms in Nagoya! However, check-in time wasn’t until 3pm so we decided it would be best if we just left our luggage in lockers instead of travelling back and forth just to leave our luggage with the hotel.

There weren’t many days left before we return to the UK so my friend and I were pretty much split up doing our own things and shopping mostly.

I decided to go visit Nakano Broadway myself and yes, another rainy day.

Buildings looked quite run down at Nakano Station

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Trip in Japan Day 1 – Senso-ji, Tokyo Skytree and Odaiba

Since our hotel was in Tokyo, I decided we would visit Senso-ji first which was in Asakusa. Always see the temple in Japan travel programmes with its giant red lanterns.

We went out the wrong exit at Shibuya Station on the night we arrived so, we didn’t really get to see the famous crossing during the night. This time we did early in the morning. Some fun structures too.

Shibuya crossing every morning

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