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Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Yet, another spin-off Persona 4 game from Atlus, exploring genres they’ve never been in before. Well, not really… Arena was developed by Arc System Works well known for their popular Guilty Gear fighter games and now DAN was developed by Sega who already has experience in rhythm games such as their recent Hatsune Miku series.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Anyway, taking part after Persona 4, the gang takes part in a programme called, “Kizuna Festival” and rumours have it that if you watch a video on the internet at midnight, you’ll find out the next idol that will disappear.

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Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Review

Decided to pick up Guitar Hero III for the Wii because the whole controller game package was going for half price at HMV and I haven’t played the Wii for a long time. Well… Maybe besides the fortnightly Mario Kart competition but they don’t last long.

I never went for it because it was expensive and the songs just didn’t seem like my kind of music but thought I’d take this opportunity to try it.

Guitar Hero III

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