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5 Centimetres Per Second Novel English Translation Completed

Finally got round to picking up the half done translation. Pretty hard to believe it’s been two years since then. Time flies, eh?

If I wasn’t a software developer myself it would have been quite tricky translating all the parts about programming. Other than the finished translation, you’ll also find I’ve added Shinkai’s Twitter feed to the bottom of the site and also a new guestbook feature! Anyone still remember those? You know, those days of dial-up 56k modems and before social media sites took over, it was a page where you left a little message for the website owner and its visitors.

Anyway, as with the previous stories, it contains a lot of new material – a lot more which should help clear up any questions you may have about the final episode of the movie. You can view a detailed comparison if you can’t be bothered reading through the translation. In the afterword of this novel, Shinkai notes that he started writing this novel when 5cm first premiered 2007 March in Shibuya and acts as a supplement to the movie.

Since then, there has also been a Manga version of the movie which I haven’t had a read yet. Other 5cm fans say there is new material in there too but maybe it’s just the same as the novel. There has also been another novel appropriately named as “One More Side” where a different author (under the supervision of Shinkai) takes a different approach to 5cm – mostly from Akari’s perspective instead of Takaki’s.

500 of you have said you want to see an official English version since the launch of my site. It might be worth asking Shinkai on Twitter about this too if you have an account.

Anyway, Takaki’s back story can get pretty depressing in the novel so don’t expect a heart-warming Christmas story!

Aside from that… Enjoy and happy holidays! =)

Read 5 Centimetres Per Second in English

20th June 2013 Update:
The site has now been taken down but you may still get most of the content including the translations in PDF here.

5 Centimetres per Second Novels

Official Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Novel Gets Drama CD

Can’t get enough of the FFXIII story? Well, “Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero – Promise“, a set of novellas that take place before the events of the main game, has been freely available for reading online for some time now.

Only chapter one of the story “Encounter” came on a bonus drama CD with the 5 disc, First Press Limited Edition of the Japanese OST. Now, all chapters will be voiced and recorded into a single drama CD due for release on September 15th with big name Seiyuus such as Maaya Sakamoto involved.

One bonus story not available on the website will also be included and the first press edition will come with a slip case cover.

Wonder if Toriyama and Watanabe will eventually release a hardback novel like Nojima did with FFVII: On the Way to a Smile?

Erin The Beast Player, Novel and Anime Comparison Vol. 1

I’ve been reading through the first Kemono no Souja, Erin novel now that the show is pass the half way mark and I thought I would run a comparison between the Anime and the book itself.

A lot of spoken lines in the novel are used in the show but, the most obvious difference is that Nukku and Mokku aren’t in the novel. They’re just there for comic relief really but overall, the novel seems slightly darker with extra detail that makes it more believable. For example (without ruining the story too much) the part where a certain character thought to herself that happiness doesn’t last forever – It’s definitely not something a child would be told so I guess why that scene wasn’t in the show.

Beast Player Erin Volume 1

Don’t read on even if you are following the show just now because it seems they’ve juggled a few parts around and what you read here, might become a spoiler in a yet-to-air episode!

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Two New Beast Player Erin Novels Published

I bought the original two volumes of the Beast Player Erin novels thinking that was it finished but, looks like the author released another two just last month to round off the story – The Quest Arc and The Final Arc. This suggests we could see a season two of the show since the current 50 episode series is only looking to encompass the first two novels.

I’m digging the covers for the new cheaper paper backed versions… They even go together to form a bigger front image! Now why couldn’t they have these available when I decided to order them!?

Then again, I’m starting to prefer hardback copies of novels I plan to keep and since I’ve started started the collection with the brightly coloured covers already, I may as well keep the theme going too. Guess I’ll have to import them too later! ^^;

Final two volumes of Beast Player Erin.

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A Peek Inside the FFVII On the Way to a Smile and Beast Player Erin Novels

Looks like I didn’t have to wait long for my novels after all… Look what the postman dropped off this morning. EMS is expensive but you have to admit it really is quick – Quicker than air mail. Dispatched from HMV Japan and arrives in the UK the next day.

I knew FFVII On the Way to a Smile is in hardback but, I didn’t know the Beast Player Erin novels were too! They’re nicely shrink wrapped complete with the publisher’s paper tabs inside them.

1.5kg of Japanese novels arrive by EMS.

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