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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete OST Announced

Et voilà. Square-Enix is indeed releasing a separate OST for their recent FFVII Advent Children Complete movie, dubbing it “Reunion Tracks”. Besides all the remix sound tracks featured in the movie such as “Anxious Heart“, the US$26 OST due on September 16th will also include bonus tracks from the animated version of On the Way to a Smile, Case of Denzel.

Don’t think I’ll be getting this because there’s not enough difference between this and the first OST…

FFVII Advent Children Complete OST

FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book

Et voilà! Here is a quick review (or should I say peek?) of the FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book I picked up while I was in HK but, you can also import it from Play Asia. I say quick because there really isn’t much to say about it besides being a collection of 24 B6 sized glossy postcards featuring a mix of both old and new CG illustrations. Many of them already came with the American Collector’s Set of the original movie and were also featured at the three day exhibition.

FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part IV, Import Goods

Spent some time going around the stores to see if I could find some of the import goods I was planning to order online before I left for Hong Kong.

Sogo is one of them at Causeway Bay which is a Japanese department store complete with elevator ladies and all the other customs you would expect from Japan after watching all those J-dramas and Anime.

At Sogo

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FFVII Advent Children Complete, The Changes and Extras

FFVII:AC Complete is finally available complete with English dub but no subs.

Seems they’ve made quite a number of changes – Re-recording the audio tracks, remixing the music and making slight changes to directions and scenes. They’ve toned down the coolness of the movie and have expanded on covering subjects such as Geostigma to give the disease a more emotional impact whereas before, you would have to have read On the Way to a Smile to know what it was. It’s also a lot gorey and violent now.

Also great watching the movie in HD resolution. The rays of lighting, dust, textures are much more pronounced. So here I’m going to run through the changes they made and what extra 30 minutes of new scenes they threw in. Note that it is by no means an exhaustive listing.

Needless to say, there are big spoilers that links to fairly much the whole FFVII series whether as a game, movie or animation so don’t read on if you hate them.

FFVII:AC Complete

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FFVII Advent Children Complete to Get a Premiere

Between March 9th ~ 22nd, 800 lucky “Silver Members” of the SE Club who pre-order (or have already) either the Cloud Black PS3 or demo trial set of the upcoming FFVII Advent Children Complete, will be able to view the extended movie a few days before release. The screening will take place on the 8th floor of the Sony Building in Ginza on April 11th and the 12th.

Will be fun if someone ends up leaking some cam footage but doubt that will happen since most of them will be loyal fans.

Doesn’t Cloud’s hand look out of proportion in this picture…?

Special Screening.