Advanced MP3 Player’s Surprise Santa Sack

Was browsing around looking for a new DAP because my current one’s built-in battery is wearing down to only 2 hours. Then I found this – A “Santa Sack” filled with random goodies from Advanced MP3 Players‘ shop for £5 ( £7 including P&P).

It’s kind of like paying for a raffle ticket really and in this case, you have a chance to win a DAP, pair of speakers and earphones if you’re lucky enough. I thought I buy one just for fun since it’s Christmas and see what’s inside…





AMP3's Santa Sack

I was thinking it would come inside a real red and white festive bag but, it’s a carrier bag! The big bulky package certainly looked promising but would they really send the prize in a simple jiffy bag? Also I read from other reviews sweets seemed to be very common so it could also just be a box of sweets inside.



Not really festively coloured...

And it turns out my bag had nothing edible inside but there were a few items I might be able to make use of.




There’s a zip-up bag just big enough for today’s DAPs to protect them from scratches, a pair of average “iAudio” branded earphones and a Monolith armband for carrying DAPs during exercise.

Obviously the earphones sound terribly flat and muffled compared to the pair of Sony MDR-EX500LP I use.

使えるものはこれかな アームバンド、袋とイヤホーン。でも、イヤホーンは使ってるSony MDR-EX500LPの音質ほど良くないな。

這些臂章,耳機和袋可能有用。不過音質沒有Sony MDR-EX500LP好。

The items that might be of use.

Then the other two items were accessories for the iPod Nano (which I don’t have) – A third party charging dock and presumably a video out which is probably for use with the new iPod Nano that can record video.

Maybe I’ll just give these away.



Useless iPod Nano accessories.

So, yeah… Mostly junk in the “sack” I got I’m afraid but at least waiting to find out what was inside was fun ^^;

結局中身は使わないものだらけだけど・・・中身はなんだろうと思ってた間に結構楽しかった (^^;

結果大部分也是用不到的東西…但等開的時都幾興奮 ^^;

One thought on “Advanced MP3 Player’s Surprise Santa Sack

  1. Maaya

    x_x the ipod nano protectors are hard to find over here.. but it’s nice that you at least had fun~~I like the gift stores over here selling monokuro booboo baggies filled with monokuro boo memorabelia~ all black and white peeg things = win


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