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A Collection of P3P Wallpapers

The official site's been updated with a short clip of the new navigation system in P3P and a bunch of wallpapers for us Persona fans to gawk at - including the other hidden one during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Just over two weeks time until the Japanese release of the game!

P3P Wallpapers

And if you answer the daytime quiz, you gain access to another three wallpapers.

Secret Wallpaper 1

Secret Wallpaper 2

Secret Wallpaper 3

I've said this before but really... Atlus should use some original renders when it comes to this sort of thing instead of re-using the same old portraits for every piece of merchandise they sell. That's not to say they're bad - Just overused.

Random wallpaper.

In the meantime, I think I'll just stick to this wallpaper until perhaps Makoto Shinkai is ready to reveal his next movie ^^;

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Yeah. I always go directly to it. Specially since I've never found those glowing links on the P3P main page.



Xcomp Author

They probably have a script on the server setup to change it depending on the time and date. It's not supposed to be a main page anyway but people still link to it...




I know. It changed again today.
Now it features the TGS Trailer again. Odd since its on the site. Maybe it has new audio, but I can't hear it right now at the office.



Xcomp Author

Yeah, the extras page keeps changing. Can't really keep up or it would start to feel like spam on my site ^^;




my favorite one is easily the autumn one
while I like Minato's new render, and Minako's... Im tired of seeing it in every damn wallpaper.

the extra link isn't showing the other 3 wallpapers anymore. in fact, sounds 7 and 8 are up now




I agree with you about the old renders, still I liked all the wallpapers though. :D