Ys 7 Trailer Released and Limited Edition Announced

Falcom has released a trailer for their latest title in the Ys series and also announced a limited edition. The price of the limited edition will include a drama CD which has a story taking place between Ys VI and Ys VII.

Also, don’t forget the pre-order goodies that includes a teaser booklet about Legend of Heroes VII!

Ys 7 trailer now up.

I don’t know… It doesn’t feel right that the screen’s so crowded with the new AI partners. Other than that, it seems the battles are just as fast paced as before!

One thought on “Ys 7 Trailer Released and Limited Edition Announced

  1. TheFallingStar

    Ys VII looks awesome as usual from Falcom.

    Hopefully it will be released on PC and there will be a Chinese or English localization of the game.

    Also very looking forward to Legend of Heroes VII


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