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A Look at The RideBack Manga Version


A Look at The RideBack Manga Version

As Anime fans may already know, most shows are adapted from Manga and differs quite a bit in terms of story most of the time. Rideback is no different starting off being serialised in the monthly Ikki magazine and is still ongoing now, the standalone volumes at number ten. I came across the Manga by chance and had a look at it so I thought I'd write up a little summary of the differing points in volume one.

The artwork in the Manga looks very much like rough sketches and poorly done I have to say. The proportions look wrong and there's not much variation in the shadings. Kind of like my first impressions from the first episode.

Rideback Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Episode 1

  • There's no scene showing off Rin's magnificent ballet skills and how she quit. Just a summary.
  • Rin reaches the Rideback Club when she gets lost trying to find her new residence on campus.
  • While on Fuego, she helps set up some signs and gets caught up in a student demonstration.
  • Hishida is mistaken to be one of the protestors and is dragged away by the armed police.
  • Rin ends up jumping into the air when one of them tries to pull her down by grabbing her thigh and she ends up rescuing Hishida in the process.
  • Rin hasn't moved out and still lives with her grandmother.

Changes are probably for the best here. If they didn't show that opening scene the viewer would never have imagined Rin using her ballet skills with Fuego and make an impression. Leaping over armed police because of a reflex action wouldn't have been very exciting either although might have been some fun fan service.

Also, I don't see why they don't mention what the proper name for the Rideback Watch is called which is, "Entry Wrist Band (EW Band)" here.

Chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 2, 3 - Episode 2

  • Rin returns to the Rideback Club and is challenged by Tamayo.
  • Rin's actions at the front gate has caught the attention of the police.
  • Tamayo offers to do something about it if she wins in a race against her.
  • Rin goes to her brother's room to read some of his Rideback magazines instead of using the net.
  • Misao Yokoyama appears as a teacher instead of Romanof's assistant in episode 6.
  • Student council's trying to team up with the BMA to raise their protest about how badly Japan is being governed.
  • Rin is the one avoiding the cat.
  • Misao claims she's working with Rin's father and that she may become the star of the stage he will be producing.

Again, the changes are probably for the best with Rin moving out. It makes her character a little stronger having to live independently. Reading magazines instead of using the net just seemed to be out of place for a story that's set in 2020 and Ridebacks are so common. The image of the BMA is also better without connecting them to the student council.

Chapters 4, 5 and 6.

Chapter 4, 5, 6 - Episode 3

  • Shouko is very much against Rin joining the "Otaku" Rideback Club and was going to make her join the Adventure Club instead.
  • It's revealed Misao is the Rideback Club's advisor and she reveals details about the classified "Arizona War" 5 years ago.
  • Rin isn't officially admitted as a member to the club yet.
  • A student protest is under way with Shouko joining in. When Rin learns the armed forces are dispatched by the GPP, she rushes out on Fuego to help her.

The biggest change so far is probably the appearance of Misao as a teacher I guess yet she remains the one pulling the strings in the background it seems. There's a little bit more humour so far, such as the Adventure Club guys getting worried about having someone like Rin joining them despite being a cute girl and Rin hating the stench of oil. The show was kind of lacking in that department.

I think it's fair to say the show branches out differently from the original Manga quite significantly but, the main ideas are fairly much the same. I'll just leave it with the show. Its character development and story centring around Rin throughout the show was rounded off nicely.


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