Sample the Persona PSP Renewed Soundtrack

Two samples from the renewed Persona soundtrack is available for listening now. The opening starts of reminding me of “Mellow Dream” from PTS when Shin and his friends were off to Kurobe Bay but that wasn’t by Meguro. Then the second half reminds me of the rock part from P3’s OP “Burn My Dread”. The second track feels like a mix of the style from P3 and P4. Not saying they sound the same but, just the feeling.

In any case, I’m really digging the soundtrack so far. Can’t wait to hear the full versions in April.

Sample tracks.

One thought on “Sample the Persona PSP Renewed Soundtrack

  1. Elly

    The samples sound great. I think I’ll end up preordering this only because of the soundtrack <_<; (I’d like to play the game someday but for now I have a huge backlog of games to play)
    Just hope Playasia will actually stock the OST because I was reading on the Atlus site that not all retailers might have them D:


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