Chrono Trigger DS Will Have A Gallery and PSX Movies

Latest issue of the Shonen Jump magazine shows off another new feature that Chrono Trigger DS will have. A gallery mode which will read your saved files and unlock a variety of goodies comprised of the following…

Movie Theatre
Watch all those PSX Anime cutscenes that are featured in the main game as many times as you want here.

Treasure Map
Check maps of the world from different eras, showing where you’ve been so that you won’t let those treasures slip away from you.

Music Room
After hearing a track while playing the game, they will be unlocked and can be listened to here.

Learn all about and view the skills and techs that Crono and his friends have gained through their adventures.

Art Gallery
View all those famous illustrations that Akira Toriyama had done.

Monster and Item Databases
Learn everything about the items you acquire and monsters you encounter.

3 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger DS Will Have A Gallery and PSX Movies

  1. Xcomp Post author

    Hmmm… You’re right. I must have got mixed up. Thanks for letting me know ^^;

    Fixed now. Never knew these “bonuses” were in the PSX release too.


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