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Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 10

Anime Mahoutsukai: Natsu no Sora

Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 10

Episode 10 Summary - Life

If I could use magic...
I would use it to make myself invisible to go into the women's bath house - Aku

Gouta wakes up at Pistol Pinoko not remembering that he had got there last night. He returns home to be scolded by Saori who had found out he was out all night at the bar from Seiichirou. He learns Sora was already out with Seiichirou to fulfil a request and goes inside for a shower. He punches the wall, frustrated at what he saw last night.

With Gouta out of earshot, she calls someone asking them to let her know when a certain someone wakes up. As she puts down the phone, she hears bang from inside.

Arriving at school, Asagi and Kuroda were talking about the last test they will have to pass and it was manipulating water again. Kuroda was back to his usual confident self, sure that he can still do well and show the difference in his magic skills which annoys Asagi. They stop when they see Gouta sitting down quietly and knew something was up. Did he and Sora have a fight already? Gouta doesn't answer.

Outside, a very tired and sweating Sora sits down at a bench. She suddenly decides to call her mother and wishes she was back in Biei. Her mother keeps a happy voice giving her words of encouragement and that she could return home any time she wishes. She hangs up but knew Sora won't be coming home just yet. She was a strong girl.

Sora arrives at the Konda's family home again, asking if she could try perform her magic determined to recover Miona's memories. However, Isao was already satisfied that Sora managed to wake up his wife and wouldn't ask for anything more, worried it would be asking too much and that she will end up the way she was again. He may have lost her memories but, they were creating new memories together and Miona was now always looking forward to tomorrow as she learns something new about her family. Thus, he thinks it wasn't necessary for Sora to recover her memories.

Sora leaves, a little disappointed. As she walks off, she sees Miona and little Shion happily playing together. Isao also joins them and suggests they go to the sea at Koganezaki. Sora smiles but it fades quickly away as she thinks back to Isao's words about looking forward to tomorrow.

Gouta soon returns home and overhears Fuune, Saori and Seiichirou discussing whether they should put up notices to find Sora because her bad condition. He barges into the room and learns that Sora had left the hospital all by herself. He angrily picks up Seiichirou up by his coat, shaking him violently demanding to know what he did to her the other night. To Gouta's surprise, he gets punched to the ground.

Sitting himself back down, Seiichirou explains that Sora's heart rate was too high and wasn't calming down. The loud thunder and flashes of lightning gave her a fright, triggered the condition. Her father had died the same way too and was a condition that only mages got. After the first spasm, they only have one year to live and Sora's happened last summer. Gouta couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sora was so lively, always laughing and running about. He dashes out the door to find her. Seiichirou suggests they all did the same.

After spending the afternoon searching everywhere, it was night. He walks by the station and is stopped by the guitar girl, Yasuko. He scares her at first and apologises, explaining that he was looking for the ill Sora. After learning she saw Sora earlier about forty minutes ago, he asks if he can use magic to find out where she went. Yasuko smiles allowing him thinking it will be fun. Gouta does so and a pink puff of smoke in the shape of Sora appears out of Yasuko flying towards the Kitazawa. Gouta thanks her and quickly follows it. Yasuko cheers after the "big guy" and lets out a sigh of relief. She actually got a fright when Gouta cast his magic.

Gouta soon finds Sora at the park. Sora sees him but doesn't smile. She reminds him it was forbidden to use magic without permission and that he'll never become a good mage if he kept doing it but, Gouta didn't care. He just wanted to find her and explains he found out she was going to die soon.

He washes his head and sits by her listening as she tells him how she woke up someone who was in a vegetative state but failed to recover the memories. She had been really upset over the matter because she knew she was going to die soon and all everyone have left of her will be in their memories. Losing them would feel like erasing the person from their memories.

Quietly, Gouta sits himself next to Sora wondering why she was so calm. Then he realises she may actually hate magic and just wanted to cry more than anyone else but, Sora tries to deny it. Eventually she gives in and cries in Gouta's arms. Gouta was really glad he found her alive. The crying Sora wondered why it had to happen to her. She wanted to live on.

Next episode, "Graduation"

Drowning one's troubles away by drinking is cute but...
Do it moderately, OK? - Kana


Ah, so that's why Seiichirou had to put his face in Sora's bosom... None of the other magic required any contact so far but I guess the life magic meant he had to get close to the heart. I wonder if Sora's mother knows about her condition?

Somehow I couldn't really feel anything for Gouta during his search for Sora. I think it's because the story hasn't really set up the mood well enough to make Sora's potential death shocking. I was glad he managed to find her in the end and managed to console her, though.

Yasuko was just funny. I think she might end up working in the Seiyuu business while continuing to sing. Happens to be "Good Dreams" and "Goodbye" this episode.

Suddenly the story feels like it's just picked up the pace too quickly. Last episode, Gouta and Sora gets together dating then this episode, she faces her death and next one they're graduating already. I know we're nearing the end of the show supposedly but, I think they could have paced it out a bit better.

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Dash it, I spoiled meself again. But it's all for the best because now I've made up my mind: I'm officially putting this series back on my viewing list.




Yes, too fast!

Most people seemed to feel that the pace of the first two-thirds of the season was on the glacial side (although I didn't mind), so it really feels abrupt with the WTF moments. Then again, we are at ep10 so there is still plenty of time.

Still waiting for my cameo to whisk Yamabuki away.




While the revelation of Sora's death lacked some build-up to make it all the more dramatic, I still found myself crying at the end of this episode... ;__; I also found it too fast paced, especially considering all was well and good with Sora and Gouta in the last episode, and this had to happen... but all I'm now hoping for is a happy ending to wrap up the series... :(