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Monster Hunter Portable Online Now without Xlink Kai

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Monster Hunter Portable Online Now without Xlink Kai

Play online with other players in Monster Hunter Portable without Xlink Kai on a PC? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, kind of.

According to Famitsu, it appears as part of a future firmware update, you will now be able to play ad-hoc games over the internet with other players - as long as you have a PS3!

Not all games will be supported though apparently but the latest title in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be supported. Not only that, players will also be able to do text or voice chat over the PS3 while playing.

All models of the PSP will support this update so don't worry if you have a PSP-1000, the PSP Slim or just plan to buy the new PSP-3000. Do note that the 20GB version of the PS3 won't work because it doesn't contain a built-in Wi-Fi.

Think I'll just stick to the Xlink Kai method for now.

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