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Police in a Pod (2022, Madhouse)

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Police in a Pod (2022, Madhouse)

Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushū

Worth A Watch

Mai Kawai has just been transferred to her new post, a local police box and her partner is Sergeant "Gorilla" Seiko Fuji, supposedly demoted because she was abusing her authority. Mai had only take up the job because she couldn't qualify for any other civil servant role with a steady income and having to face abusive criminals and mischievous young people were starting to stress her out.

However, after working with Seiko, she discovers a new perspective and learns that the seemingly small things she does everyday might matter more than she thought.

Pretty faced Seiko is the more experienced Senpai but she's also outspoken and prone to vent while on the job with lines like, "Why would nice gentle girls join the police force? Those promo posters depict us wrong." Low self-confidence, slacker Mai on the other hand is just there for the paycheck and couldn't care less about rude small-offenders so the pairing kind of works as Seiko slowly influences her.

Throw in another senior junior pair of characters, Seiji Minamoto and Takeshi Yamada who were same class trainees and it becomes a full blown comedy. As I said it's a slice-of-life too so you see what the cast does on their time off too.

While the classic You're Under Arrest has a relaxing atmosphere driven by our enthusiastic duo Natsumi and Miyuki along with romance, here it's more about Seiko being the coach. The cheery theme songs is a close as you get to YUA so don't expect the same kind of show.

It can also however get quite heavy themed despite the comedic cast of characters so be warned it can contain some harsh (but not graphic) scenarios such as domestic abuse, forensic examinations as our duo deals with multiple cases of crime per episode.

Was probably a good idea to wrap it up with one big case but sometimes the comedy feels misplaced. Still, it was entertaining so wouldn't mind seeing a S2. A show that mostly tries to see the funny side of busy everyday police life (in a Japanese force anyway).



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