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Inuyashiki (2017, MAPPA)

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Inuyashiki (2017, MAPPA)


Worth A Watch

Ichiro Inuyashiki is a 58 year old man with an uncaring family. One day he discovers he has a terminal illness and while hiding in the park crying, he is killed by an alien spaceship. Desperate to cover their tracks, the aliens made use of the only equipment they had aboard their ship, reconstructing him into a powerful battle android. After learning what he's become, he decides to use his new body for good to continue feeling human. However, he soon discovers the other young man Hiro Shishigami who also got caught up in the crash, uses the new body for more selfish purposes, terrorising the city to feel the same way.

The show gets off to a very depressing start and doesn't waste any time in showing the dark ugly side of humans. It's also gruesome, filled with gore and there are always just sudden moments of surprises that might make you jump. Kind of like Gantz and indeed, the story is written by the very same person Hiroya Oku. Hell, they even have posters of Gantz in the show even though it's not by the same studio, lol.

I kind of laughed at the panicking aliens part and thought, "What the heck?" It's... kind of like a dark comedy at the same time as it is sci-fi action because of the really silly direction and jokes like this during inappropriate situations. Eventually you do kind of root for Ichiro doing the best he can to make good use of the alien technology which leads to some moving moments despite the silliness and dark humour.

Visually the studio kind of juggles between 3D/2D animation and it shows. It's not completely seamless so it kind of deters from the overall quality of the show.

Not a show you'd want to watch if you don't like dark, gorey shows with an equal sense of dark humour. It is not a happy show with all its senseless slaughter and casual references to terminal illnesses. Or you could just watch it for the silliness.

There is a live action movie too but haven't seen it to comment.


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