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Sega to Produce New Doraemon DS Game Based on 2008 Movie

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Sega to Produce New Doraemon DS Game Based on 2008 Movie

Unlike the previous two DS games, "Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS" isn't going to be a card game but a platformer it seems. Not much detail have been revealed about the game other than it will be based on Doraemon's next movie, "Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant" which is out next year in 2008, March.

At the same time, a Wii game has also been announced featuring a bundle of mini games and a board game that make use of the Wiimote.


I just hope the platformer will be as fun as the 1992 Game Boy game, "Animal Wakusei no Densetsu". And being the fan I am, can't wait to see the movies!

The Wii title, "Doraemon Wii: Himitsu Douguoh Ketteisen!" is due Winter 2007 and the DS title is due Spring 2008.

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