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Gyakuten Saiban 4 Reaches 500,000 Copies and TV Drama Scheduled

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Gyakuten Saiban 4 Reaches 500,000 Copies and TV Drama Scheduled

Released on April 12th, the fourth instalment in the Ace Attorney series has now sold half a million copies. In addition to that, Capcom also plans to air a short series of drama episodes over the 7 days of May entitled "Gyakuten Saiban Mystery Gekijou", representing 3 new cases each day. Answers are then revealed on the official GS4 site. Interesting promotion no?

Gyakuten Saiban TV Series

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I have no idea why they're airing a different episode on each network.




Mmm... a TV drama mini series... I think this game would work better as an animated series, since it would be easier to capture the whackiness of Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright, but I'm curious to see how this one works out.
What's up with airing different episodes on different networks at different times???