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Fruit of Grisaia (2014, Eight Bit)

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Fruit of Grisaia (2014, Eight Bit)

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Worth A Watch

Agent Yuuji "9029" Kazami wants to go to a "normal school" and he is transferred to Mihama Academy, a school with only 5 other students, all girls, all with their own quirky personalities including one that uses every chance to slash him. However, despite his cool nature, it doesn't take long for them to warm up to him as his elite skills let him handle whatever personal troubles they bring his way and helps to overcome them.

Heard some good things about this show and the (adult) visual novel franchise is still going.

It's got a weird flow to it. First episode is filled with non-stop fan service; nudity and awkward camera angles, not just for the girls but our male protagonist too (although I watched the disc release). The direction feels fairly much like your harem show, just girls introduced one after the other complete with cheery game-like music. Even their personalities are your usual tropes from your withdrawn to cheery socialable characters. Then suddenly there's a flash of gore to show you there's some big dark secret behind one of the girls.

First half of the show is just silly girls doing silly things at the dorm, building up each girl's character one episode each in a way as Yuuji spends time with each of them and leads to their ending route from the game apparently. It goes from the silliest routes to the more serious, nastier gore scene ones. The gore is as heavy as the fan service which kind of reminds me of Highschool of the Dead.

Then it spends more than a single episode on the longer pasts and you have to admire the lengths Yuuji goes to protect them at this point. These help clear up the individual girl's past, how they ended up the way they are and is a lot better than the single episode attempts which leaves one or two shrouded in mystery like the "maid" Sachi. Flashback from 10 onwards is probably the best despite the cruel situation.

Art work's not that impressive to look at but the tower you see that belongs to the Ministry of Defence building in Ichigaya is featured in Your Name too (in the background when Taki is dating Okudera) although this show is older. I thought the tower looked familiar when I saw it...

It might kick off like a silly fan service filled harem show but be warned. The last couple of episodes are very cruel. In the end Yuuji remains mostly a mystery but it quickly teases a sequel and you'll want to watch it all if you want all the unanswered questions cleared up.

It's not too bad overall. More of a silly harem action comedy with some really unneccesary gore mixed in.


Sequel Meikyu labyrinth is a 1 hour OVA which is more of a prequel as Yuuji is brought in and questioned about his mysterious past and his missing older sister. A strange episode this and there's a lot of slavery and abuse scenes. It's full of exploitation.

Rakuen Paradise returns to being a short series and kicks off by focusing on Yuuji's life again as a flashback, picking up after the OVA when he is taken in by his mysterious master Asako. Then it returns to where the first series left off and expands on the bus incident from the OVA.

First entry in the series felt overly fan service filled and silly before ending full of gore, then the second was extremely dark and violent. This feels like it has a better balance and the first episode gives a good impression. There's quite a number of thought provoking moments and ties up with everything that Yuuji acts from the very first show nicely including how he obtained his elite abilities. The story can still go in some silly harem visual novel ways though.

OP and ED theme song's are pretty good. Has some tracks that stand out.

The specials are just explicit fan service so you're not missing out on anything by skipping them.

And that's as far as you go with Yuuji and his harem before the franchise focuses on a new cast of characters in a crowdfunded 3 part OVA, "Phantom Trigger". CIRS has been re-organised as SORD which has a number of training facilities for assassins including the new school the last cast established. Only Kazuki "Thanatos" makes a cameo.

Arisaka applies for a job as a teacher at Mihama Academy, not knowing it was a training school for abandoned children referred to as "phantom triggers" in society. Many normal teachers quit after learning the truth but despite her ordeal, Arisaka decides to stay on instead of running from her problems.

As before, the show is filled with fan service and kicks off with silly girls being silly. That said, the fan service and gore isn't as bad as the previous entries. There's one tense fist fight in this OVA.

It goes with the flow of telling each girl's history but mixes in characters from other training schools. Third part isn't the last of the series it seems as it doesn't manage to cover all of them and most likely crowdfunding will determine if there will be a continuation.

Can't really say it's an Anime franchise I look forward to picking up from because there isn't really a big in-depth story going, nor is the world setting an engrossing one to get pulled in by.

Grisaia no Kajitsu


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