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Princess Connect! Re:Dive (2020, CygamePictures)

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Princess Connect! Re:Dive (2020, CygamePictures)


Worth A Watch

Lady Ameth predicted the Princess Knight named "Yuuki (Japanese for courage)" would appear one day with amnesia. Kokkoro is sent to find, protect and guide him but unfortunately, her funds weren't enough to get them by at the capital of Landosol. As they go questing to earn more money and continue adventuring, they meet a starving cheery girl who they name "Pecorine (peco as in hungry, empty stomach)". Not long later, they meet Karyl who was actually after Pecorine's life but that doesn't stop the naive and over-powered Pecorine from befriending her. And so the four new friends form the Gourmet Guild aiming to seek out the best ingredients and cuisines they can enjoy together, unaware their world was slowly being consumed by Shadows.

As the production studio suggests, this Anime is based a on a game sequel (prequel didn't get an Anime unfortunately). Decided to watch this because I saw a Nendoroid of Pecorine that I might get so I wanted to know the story behind the character at least. Didn't want to play the game because one daily mobile game is enough.

Apparently this show is by the same director as KonoSuba, Takaomi Kanasaki. Both shows are fairly much about an incompetent cast of characters in a fantasy world who are lacking some way or the other and always ends up with the short end of the stick.

It's fairly much a harem show too with a hero that hardly has any lines and starts off quite dreary. It's not until about 3 episodes in does the comedy get better and our little guild start to hangout together. There's hardly a main plot to it. It's got fun next episode title previews too so don't miss them after the ending credits.

Aesthetically it looks great. Cute character designs, colourful backgrounds. There's a lot of yummy looking food art even though some of them are more fantasy dishes. It looks better than KonoSuba overall. Since it's fairly much a harem show you can expect some fan service but it's fairly tame like the usual bouncy chests, the odd awkward camera angle. Full beach episode.

On a side note, Mitsuki from the Twilight Caravan Guild is played by Misato's voice actress from Evangelion, Kotono Mitsuishi. Fans of Sakura Wars will probably notice the opening theme sounds familiar and that's probably because it's composed by the same artist, Kouhei Tanaka.

Another fun show full of silly characters. "How crazy is that?"

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime

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