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Orange (2016, Telecom Animation Film)

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Orange (2016, Telecom Animation Film)


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One day, Naho Takamiya receives letters that claim to be from herself ten years in the future, each letter describing a different day and what she must do to prevent her "biggest regret". At first, she thought it might just have been a prank but just as the letter described, Naho and her friends befriend the new transfer student named Kakeru Naruse who joins her class. As other events occurr just as the letter said they would, she starts to believe the letter was real and starts to follow instructions, slowly falling for Kakeru while unaware of what the big regret will be.

The show sounds like it's sci-fi but it's mostly romance and friendship. Most of the time the show is really happy and cheery - a little over-exaggeratedly so and I think they go overboard with the friendship too. I think the idea was to portray the strong ideal friendship where everyone would do and give up everything to save a friend's life. We see how Naho's friend Suwa has feelings for her but instead of trying to win her heart, he actually tries to spur Kakeru and Naho on. Seems a bit too much even if it did give a reason for Kakeru to live on. There could have been better ways while they kept the competition fair.The whole time leap idea with letters seem shoehorned in too since it isn't given much focus on how it happens like in Steins;gate.

On the other hand, the visuals and music are really good. This show is probably one for anyone into heavy friendship themes with a little romance thrown in. If you do find yourself liking it, there's also a one hour movie sequel subtitled "Mirai" which recaps on the TV series from Suwa's point of view. It's actually quite a good filler and wrap up for the TV series.

Orange - The Anime

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