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"No Smoking", "No Food or Drink" notices on public transport is pretty common but it seems they've added a new one to the collection here in Scotland...

"Turn Your Music Down".

I guess they must be getting a lot of complaints about people turning up their music too loud and people do.

There are people who just use their mobile's loud speaker to play music but those situations are pretty rare. Most of time it's people with earphones and headphones on that still seem to have their music turned up to the maximum volume. I don't think it's because they want to let people know how cool their music is. More likely to drown out the engine noise. They should consider noise isolation earphones i.e. the "in-ear buds" or even headphones that cover your entire ears.

More and more people seem to use Skull Candy headphones as a fashion accessory although I'm not sure how good their sound quality really is or how effective their noise isolation is.

I think these signs will just be as useful as the no smoking signs where people still smoke at the back of the bus or on the upper deck. Rules are useless if there isn't anyone to enforce them.

I have yet to see this kind of sign on my occasional trip to Hong Kong. Do you have this kind of sign in your country?

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There are mostly adds on the buses where I live (Southern California), but since I come from a relatively small city I've no idea what the buses are like in LA or San Francisco. However, expect bilingual adds for additional education and preschool ads. For the Spanish-inclined.

Though those be the roofs of buses, your public transportation looks modern and clean! Almost ridiculously so!



LHY Author

Well, I haven't shown any photos of the graffiti windows and the rubbish sprawled over the seats but... Yes, they're generally cleaner looking than the older buses ^^;