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Re-organised Site Now With Portal

Re-organised Site Now With Portal

So just a quick update about what happened over the past few days.

Since building the new 5cm site, I thought it was best I made good use of my host and domain name by separating all the sites I've created via a portal on the front page -  That was why if you've been trying to access any of my sites including my blog, you were automatically directed to the portal while I was shifting files around to their new addresses.

Again, learned quite a bit about web technologies and about re-directing sites properly and efficiently so that...

  • Your indexed site doesn't lose its place in search engines.
  • People coming from old addresses will still arrive at the page they were after.

These skills should come in handy in the future when I build more sites.

Unfortunately, the  custom theme that I had designed not long ago seems to be broken now for some reason so I've decided to pick a pre-designed one instead. I will probably leave it as is so I can spend more of my time designing and writing for my proper sites.

In any case, if you've bookmarked anything be sure to update them because the redirections won't be there forever ^^;

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