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Replacement Hard Drive Back | 修理されたハードディスクが戻った |修理好的硬碟終於寄回來 ::


Replacement Hard Drive Back | 修理されたハードディスクが戻った |修理好的硬碟終於寄回來 ::

Got my replacement for my broken hard drive today from Seagate. Was a bit worried it was lost because I missed out the zip code (postcode in the UK). I called up their support line to check after I received a dispatch e-mail that was missing a tracking code. They reassured me that their technical department responsible for diagnosing the unit and sending out replacement units had to report back to them if a drive was delivered successfully or not. If I didn't receive the replacement they would find out.

Fortunately the drive did arrive today with a number of different postcodes written on it... Obviously they've been trying different places but I'm glad it's arrived safe and sound.

As Seagate's warranty policy states, they do not repair your unit. They only send back a different repaired unit instead. Comes complete with some dust inside the anti-static bag and even a hair ^^;

In this case I got a Seagate Barricuda to replace my Maxtor DiamondMax. Raw and unformatted as new drives come in.

Don't really care about the make as long as it doesn't stop working so quickly as before! Now I have space again to store all my RAW photos and lossless music collection. The downside when you want everything in their original, lossless form is they take eat up GBs in no time!

Still, great that it's easier to install drives in modern PCs. No more screwdrivers, jumpers or console commands needed to get it up and running.

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