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Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile Audiobook Project


Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile Audiobook Project


Been about three months since I finally completed my translation of the official Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile novel but, if you've still to read the 264 pages of text, maybe you'll want to check out TheLifestream.net's fan based audiobook project that's underway.

I had a listen to the previews myself and the voice work, sound effects and music mastering are quite well done at this early stage. Not to mention it's collaborated over the internet which means more effort is needed to deal with the varying recording quality.

I'm not part of the project but it's still exciting to hear my translations narrated and voice acted - Even though Kazushige Nojima should be the one getting the most credit for writing the stories in the first place ^^;

Be sure to check back at the fansite if you like what you hear and let them know!

And for those of you who are involved, keep up the good work! Hopefully the folks over at Square-Enix will take note of all the interest and bring an official English version of the hardback novel to the West.


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