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White Album, Episode Summaries 22 ~ 26, End Thoughts

Anime White Album

White Album, Episode Summaries 22 ~ 26, End Thoughts

Episode 22
Troubled you're a poor speaker?
Try conversing with your eyes. You'll want to talk soon enough.

Mana spots Touya and she wasn't pleased. Immediately she walks off and takes the taxi Touya arrived in away. Meanwhile, Yayoi manages to buy the negatives from her stalker. Misaki on the other hand, meets Tamaru at a cafe. He wanted her to write an article about Touya's affair with Yuki's manager Yayoi and shows her photos. Misaki refuses but offers to be his girlfriend again if he doesn't publish such an article. Just as Tamaru was getting excited, Menou shows up. It seems they knew each other from long ago and Tamaru seemed very anxious and surprised to see her. She offers him something more exciting to write about and together, the four of them go off to a studio set to take some sensual pictures of Menou. Just like Misaki, she did not want Tamaru to write about Touya's secret and quickly shoos him away. Menou claims to be a childhood friend. Later that evening, Mana drops by to visit Touya's father but is mistakened to be Yuki because his condition was getting worse. Touya was spending the night at the cabin with Haruka. He was surprised when Haruka came out of the shower naked. She confesses her love and that she didn't want Touya to act like her brother. At first, Touya turns away but after taking some time to reflect on how he had always depended on her in times of need, he decides to "thank" her and go with her wishes.

White Album 22

Episode 23

Hoping to be nursed by her and to eat her home cooking, I wanted to catch a cold.
The suffering that followed is something I never imagined.

Yuki is chosen to be one representing Ogata Productions at the Venus Festival but unfortunately for Rina, it will be Menou who will be the one representing M3. Even so, Yuki decides to give it her best after the promise she made with Rina. Meanwhile, Misaki decides to call Touya out to let him know she will be writing for Tamura and that she will also be breaking up with Akira - The reason being because of her feelings for Touya. It was also that very same day that Touya's father passes away, dreaming in his last moments of how he was begging for Yuki to return to his son's side. After everything was arranged for his funeral, Touya tries to find extra help in cleaning up his father's house while at Echoes. He lets slip he might be spending time alone with Misaki since Akira wasn't going to help and receives a punch in the face. After spending an intimate "farewell" moment at the house with Misaki, he celebrates with Mana during the evening for getting into the university she wanted. Rina talks about family with Mana's mother and learns Menou was her older daughter who stayed with her divorced husband. Rina also explains how the owner of Echoes was like a father to her after their father died in an accident. On the other hand, Haruka had also settled down, happy enough for Touya to be like her brother again. While returning home from a cycling trip with Akira, he gets into an accident.

White Album 23

Episode 24
The night won't be able to do anything for us.
It is because of the sun that our colours fade.

Scandals break out about Menou's fake singing and Ogata is accused of fraud for buying his paintings. Even so, Rina decides to remain behind in M3 to take Menou's place and sing her song "Secret Chaos" at the Venus Festival while Yuki does so too, believing that Eiji was set up. Meanwhile, Touya visits Akira and finds he wasn't seriously injured fortunately. They talk about Menou and how Touya can't remember where they've met before long ago. After the auditions for the festival take place, Yuki goes off to find Eiji who was depressed having lost everything. When Yuki sees him crying, she comforts him. Eiji kisses her but she pushes him away and runs off to Touya's home. As Touya held her, he noticed there was something different. Menou appears behind.

White Album 24

Episode 25
It's someone else's fault. It's not my fault.
It's all someone else's fault, not mine...

Rina loses her voice because some irritant was put into her tea while Eiji goes to the police to clear things up. While at the hospital, Yayoi lets Touya know she will no longer be spending any time with him because he was no longer a hindrance to Yuki's success. He had called her over to pick up Yuki the other night even though she had gone to him for comfort so he must no longer care for her. Another reason she had approached him was because everyone she loved had always disappeared. They hug one last time before Yuki appears to leave Touya a belated Christmas present before leaving. The next day while at the cafe Echoes, Akira reveals he's been doing a bit of deduction and thinks Touya may have known Menou from school but he replies that doesn't make sense because they would both recognise her. He decides to go ask her himself after returning home and she tells that they met when he was a little boy. He had lost something and was crying so she decided to treat him to something. She told him she would be his goddess and protecting him with different appearances and that was how Touya ended up referring to any girl that helped him as a "goddess". Just as Menou pushes Touya down onto the floor, her mother arrives. She tries to escape from the balcony but Touya stops her.

White Album 25

Episode 26

Touya goes to the hospital to visit Rina and let her know why he had been treating all the girls as a "goddess". He tells her he isn't fit to love and just hurts everyone. Rina desperately tries to tell him it wasn't so but Touya was too busy facing the window he didn't see any of her signs. Eventually, she manages say out loud that they were sad only because they loved him but knew they weren't the one in his heart. Meanwhile, the Venus Festival goes under way but when it was Yuki's turn to perform, she doesn't play the song she had entered with "Koiiro Sora". Instead, she plays a different song "Powder Snow" on the piano. As she begins singing, Rina appears to sing together with her. Even though the audience enjoyed their performance, the two were disqualified. Touya goes to Echoes to tell Akira about his "goddess" business and goes to find Haruka to learn more about the time that triggered it all. When both he and Yuki were still young, Yuki had moved away somewhere far away before he met Menou when he was looking for something Yuki had given him. It turns out he was searching for a hand-made medal that had the words "Well done!" on it that he threw away. Later, he also goes to find Rina only to find she left a farewell message on a mirror for him. Some time passes and it's March. Touya goes to help Mana and her family move as she continues to university. After saying goodbye to both Mana and Menou, Touya goes off to meet someone in the evening.

Together we sat for the whole night, without moving - R. Browning.

White Album 26


Nice way to round off the harem story... Letting Touya freely get intimate with all those girls without any trouble at the end because of his childhood "goddess" experience. It's pretty funny actually because viewers were expecting a bad ending along the lines of "nice boat" but not quite as brutal and here's the excuse they tack on for a happy ending to account for his unfaithfulness. It's even more funny the forums are talking about which "path" the ero-game (adult game) based show ended up with - Clearly Touya was waving to Yuki.

Then again, if you were deeply in love with someone like Yuki was, you would probably become irrational enough to be willing to sacrifice and tolerate a lot if all you want is for that special someone to stay by your side.

On the bright side (as far as the show's story is concerned), at least Touya will be changing his ways it seems and the unfinished sentence about his loss is probably his guilt in hurting the girls and possibly the times that he could have spent with Yuki.

It's not a bad wrap up of the show but really, that sprawling mess of "Red Threads of Fate" didn't take long to untangle and clean up, did it? Where were they all going in the first place...?

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