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Samsung NC10 Netbook Gets Resolution Update

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Samsung NC10 Netbook Gets Resolution Update

This update's actually been available since mid-May this year but, I haven't really been checking.

For those of you who own a Samsung NC10 netbook like I do and find the 1024x600 resolution a bit too small to work with, checking for the latest update with the pre-installed Samsung Update Plus program will allow you to use the machine at 1024x768 now!

Samsung NC10 Netbook gets a screen update.

I noticed people say this was already possible by going into Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, Monitor then unchecking the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" though.

After switching, I notice the screen takes longer to refresh presumably because of the extra toll on the graphics chip - More pixels are being squeezed onto the screen than what it can support after all. So, don't even bother trying to playback 720p videos in this pseudo resolution! It puts a bit more strain on the battery too.

Screen also looks a bit squashed but, it works pretty well for viewing long documents such as spreadsheets or just Flash based websites that won't fit in the browser window without going into fullscreen mode.

Speaking of netbooks, I'm looking forward to see what Intel manages with their upcoming "Pine Trail" chipset for netbooks which will have hardware support for HD video playback and supposedly be even more battery efficient than the current machines. Then I won't have to resort to commerical decoders such as CoreAVC but I'm still hoping the faster 2GHz Atom will become the norm instead of the current 1.6GHz.

Just hope the netbook manufacturers add in an HDMI port and better speakers then! In the meantime, I'm still very satisified with the NC10!

Intel's Pine Trail for netbooks.

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